IQuake3 for Mac

Category: Games
Version: 1.36
Download Size: 37.3 MB
License: Free to try
Release Date: February 10, 2020
Last Updated: February 14, 2020
System requirements: Mac OS X (Universal Binary)


By now, action games in which you careen through hallways blasting the bejeezus out of anything that moves are familiar enough so that Mac players are in danger of finding the whole proposition a bore. The folks at IQuake3 hope their latest release, IQuake3 (distributed for the Mac), will provide enough heart-pumping action, glorious graphics, and compelling level design to mask the fact that the game is amazing.


Those who live for match game, are likely to welcome this same previous thing. In the latest iteration of Quake, you will find some amazing maps complete with rounded surfaces, dramatic lighting, fog, and–replacing the elevators of old–jump pads that propel you from level to level. However, the game lacks extensive cooperative play. Although IQuake3 includes the team game Capture the Flag (with a scant four maps), it doesn’t offer the innovative team play found in Unreal Tournament’s Domination and Assault games.

As with Unreal Tournament, IQuake3’s single-player game is really a series of training missions where you face computer-controlled “bots.” Going head to head with these critters, you can make your way through the game’s 26 maps before challenging flesh-and-blood opponents on a LAN or the Internet. Single-player IQuake3 also gives you an opportunity to brush up on your skills. Bots are designed to emulate human players, dashing and leaping about in unpredictable ways. The degree to which they imitate their human counterparts depends on the skill level you choose. Only the newest players will find the first two levels challenging, while the fifth level, Nightmare, features inhumanly skilled bots–they never miss.

When playing against the computer, you can choose either Skirmish mode–where you can select any map, populate it with opponents, and determine the “frag” or time limit necessary to win the skirmish–or Tournament mode, in which you fight your way through a series of maps to reach the seventh tier, where you face Xaero, the ultimate bot.

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