All2MP3/All2MP4 for Mac

Audio and video converter Mac

App name: All2MP3/All2MP4
App description: Audio and Video converters
App website:
The good: Easy to use
The bad: None
Updated: October, 9 2017


Convert All Music & Audio Files to MP3/WAV/MP4/MP4a, Video to MP3.
Free and Easy All to MP3 Converter for Mac and MP4 and Any Other Video Formats on Mac.

Download All2MP3 for Mac

Download All2MP4 for Mac


Gimp Mac

App name: Gimp 2.8.22
App description: Image Manipulation Program
App website:
The good: Open source image editor.
The bad: None


GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation program) is a cross-platform image editor available for Mac. Easily the most popular Photoshop replacement. With an amazing tools and thriving developer community, Gimp is a real choice.

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