Issue with the M1 Mac SSD

How to fix M1 SSD issue

The problem of increased appetite for the resource of SSD-drives in the new models of Macbook Air and Macbook Pro with M1 processors. The topic has been discussed in all popular technical forums. And despite the massive nature of the problem, all discussions boiled down to the fact that Apple does not consider this a problem. So there is no problem. And what kind of game people are ready to believe for complacency instead of face the facts and find out the reasons for the rapid depletion of the resource of a non-removable SSD-drive.

Some respected people said that the SMART protocol is too complicated for the system to simply take and ask the SSD controller: “How long do you have left to live, disk?” They say that Apple drives are not a popular thing. Somewhere messed up in the driver. So he gives out gigabytes written to disk for terabytes. And the creators of software for checking the status of SMART people are not literate enough. Yes, and different manufacturers of hardware, too, for 20 years cannot agree on uniform units of measurement in the parameters of the state of the disk.


With all the massive manifestation of SSD gluttony, a solution as simple as 2 cents (completely disabling Spotlight) seems to be hiding from ordinary users. Everyone is trying to convince me that the consumption of the SSD resource with a write speed of 180GB / hour is normal.

As I said, the problem can be fixed by temporarily disabling Spotlight indexing. I used the command in terminal:

sudo mdutil -i off -a

But this command does not completely solve the problem. In my case, the command helped me:

sudo launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

But the second command should be executed only with CSR protection disabled. The solution is not suitable for everyone. There will definitely be active Spotlight and Siri users. Disable or not disable is an individual choice of each user. For me personally, the integrity of an SSD is more important than a working metadata search.


Old version iTunes for Mac

Apple’s latest foray into the world of consumer software is iTunes, a combination CD ripper, MP3 organizer, and CD burner. Simply insert a music CD you own, encode the tracks into MP3s, and then create a custom playlist. You don’t even have to enter the names of the tracks, as the program contacts the CDDB network on the Internet and downloads the names for you.

Once you’ve got your playlist finalized, you can burn the MP3s onto a blank CD for listening to in the car, home, shower, or anywhere. A very nicely made application, and the quality is everything you have come to expect…


Here you could download previous versions of iTunes for Mac. We love iTunes! I have loved it from the moment I first saw it.

Category: Tools
Version: 10.5 – 12.0
Download Size: 37.3 MB
License: Freeware
Release Date: March 10, 2020
Last Updated: April 01, 2020
System requirements: Mac OS X

Download iTunes for Mac


Fortran for Mac

Java may be the hot computer language of the nineties, but you wouldn’t know it to look at business and government sites; in the real world, older languages like COBOL and FORTRAN (Gfortran) are still doing much of the day-to-day work at banks, government labs, and NASA. In big-project scientific and numeric calculation, for example, the ancient FORTRAN language in one of its newer forms–FORTRAN 77 or FORTRAN 90–is still grinding away on optimized legacy code.

Source code originally written for Cray and Fujitsu supercomputers can now run without serious modification on a Mac using latest Gfortran package. This formidable suite includes compilers for FORTRAN 77, the more modern FORTRAN 90, and the thoroughly modern C/C++ (optimized for use in the MPW Shell); IMSL’s FORTRAN numeric and statistics libraries, the best available for any language, are available as an option. All this magnificence takes a little more programming background to put into action than the new CodeWarrior-adapted LS FORTRAN from Fortner Research, but compiled code runs two to three times faster with Gfortran –and for most FORTRAN users, speed of executables is the number one consideration.

Fortran Mac

The Gfortran program makes itself practically invisible: you simply install it, set a few options, and watch the Pro FORTRAN compiler devour your source code. On four benchmarks–two of my own and two industry-standard SPECmark routines–the compiled code running on a 604e-based Mac executed roughly twice as fast as the same programs compiled in LS FORTRAN. The Absoft product also breezed through a grueling test pastiche of combined C and FORTRAN code.

As a language that started life when RAM was measured in 4KB chunks, Gfortran has a huge bag of optimization tricks and is the topic of many reference books–and the new FORTRAN-based teaching language F suggests that FORTRAN will have some big-computer tasks all to itself for at least another decade.

PROS: Superior performance of compiled code; few Mac porting modifications.
CONS: Some popular editor features missing.

Category: Tools
Version: 9.2
Download Size: 80 MB
License: Free to try
Release Date: October 1, 2019
Last Updated: December 6, 2019
System requirements: Mac OS X 10.14 or later

Download Gfortran