PopChar for Mac

PopChar Pro is an enhanced version of the freeware control panel PopChar Lite, which allows you to quickly and easily access special characters you’d like to enter into your documents.


In addition to what PopChar Lite already has to offer, PopChar Pro sports the following features:

– improved compatibility with certain applications
(including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Framemaker, and Adobe Illustrator)
– faster than the freeware version
– essential parts MacOS native
– floating window for quick access
– customized display of individual fonts
– predefined and custom character arrangements
– multilingual (currently English and German, other languages will follow)
– recognition of QuickDraw GX fonts
– manual font selection (in case PopChar Pro cannot figure
out which font to display)

App description: PopChar (Trial)
Version: 7.5
System requirements: OS X 10.7 or later

Download PopChar


XRG for Mac

XRG is the system resources monitor for Mac OS X. With XRG you could monitor CPU load, GPU temperature, battery, memory usage, temperature sensors, wired and wireless network activity, disk I/O and performance, weather in your city, and exchange/stock information. The main idea of XRG is to be a functional system resources monitor with user friendly interface.


App description: XRG
Version: 2.6
Updated: February 20019
System requirements: OS X 10.5 or later (macOS Mojave)

Download XRG for Mac


The Netwide Assembler on a Mac

The Netwide Assembler or NASM, is an x86 and x64 assembler designed for UNIX operation systems. The assembler comes with documentation which will help you with the basics. It supports a multiple range of object file formats, including Mac, UNIX, and Windows formats.

It will also output plain binary files, Motorola and Intel formats. Its syntax is designed to be simple and easy to read and understand. The Assembler supports all existing x86 and x64 extensions, and has strong support for macos.

Most university projects will use a assembly language because the main goal is to demonstrate feasibility and any unnecessary complications in demonstrating this are undesirable. Starting from version 2.07, NASM is now under the BSD license.
App description: NASM
Version: 2.14
Updated: February 20019
System requirements: OS X 10.3 or later (macOS Mojave)